Running: My First Anniversary

I celebrated my one year running anniversary on August 27, 2013. I have not stopped running even after training was over for the half marathon. My fear was that I would stop after I got through that race, but fortunately there is a slight addictive factor about running that kept me on the pavement. Mind you, I have had different goals since then. I have not completed a long run since February but I have been working on my short distances and running more/walking less. I have made progress with this in the last year. (Just reminding you that last August 2012 when I began running, two minutes of running was enough to make me feel like I had just run miles). I can run a 5K distance now taking just a few one minute walk breaks (Actually, I ran the Color Run 5K with no walk breaks). I usually do not feel that any of my runs are “an easy _____ miles” as some more experienced runners seem to think. Running/jogging has never come naturally to me and I have to push through every run that I have. I want nothing more than to be able to run miles and miles straight but I can’t seem to get through my barrier. Nonetheless, I still love running and I look forward to it rather than dread it like I used to. Of course, I do have great runs where I felt pretty great actually for most of the time. It is just up and down for me, as I imagine any newby runner has those ups and downs.

One factor that I hope is making an impact is the Florida heat. If I can push through in these hot and humid conditions, I’m hoping I will be pleasantly surprised when cooler weather comes that I can do more than I thought. My 5K times back in December and January are a couple minutes faster than they are now so hopefully the weather can help me out later in the year. I love the Florida heat otherwise 🙂

My next half marathon is already a thought in my mind for December- OUC Orlando Half Marathon. This half marathon only holds up to 5,000 people and goes through our beautiful downtown and surrounding areas. I have heard its the perfect half marathon to PR because the crowding is minimal. Ryan and I had planned on running the Princess Half in 2:40 (we did 12.5 miles in 2:33 in training) but because of the crowding, it ended up being a 3:18 (we really didn’t care because of how much fun it was though!) So I just might be signing up for this one. Training last fall for the half was so much fun, especially with my husband. It is the funnest hobby to do with him!
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